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Auto locksmith in Peterborough 24/7

Auto locksmith in Peterborough 24/7

Phoenix Car Keys: mobile car locksmith in Peterborough

Are you looking for a trusted local vehicle locksmith in Peterborough? If you are reading this text, then you have already found it! Phoenix Car Key offers a full range of automotive locksmith services in Peterborough and across Cambridgeshire. We provide exceptional services of the highest class and are a leader in the region.

Whatever car key problems you are having, we are here to help you.

Call us 24/7 if:

  • You have locked the key inside the car and you do not have a spare key (our services will always cost less than replacing the car window, which some motorists have to do when they decide that the most correct way to regain access to the car is to break the window).
  • Your car key is broken, lost or stolen and you need a car key replacement service.
  • You want to buy a spare car key.
  • Your car key is stuck in the ignition switch, trunk lock, or car door lock. This situation can be aggravated if, while trying to remove a stuck key yourself, you break it and part of the key remains in the lock.

Professional Car Key Replacement in Peterborough

If you are in Peterborough and find that your car keys have been lost or badly damaged, simply give us a call and we are guaranteed to be able to help you resolve the issue with a minimum of stress. We can produce a new Peterborough car key for you in 1-2 days. By ordering a new key from us to replace the lost one, you will receive an original car key, but faster and cheaper than if you contact a car dealer.

Car Unlocking Service in Peterborough

If you’ve locked your car and found that the key is left inside and you don’t have a spare key, we can also solve this problem. Our specialist can safely unlock your car in just a few minutes, without resorting to any damage methods.

We also refuse emergency car unlocking services. This may be relevant if you do not have access to your car and a small child or pet is locked inside the car. Our specialist will arrive to you within 30 minutes and quickly unlock the car (usually within 5-10 minutes).

Auto locksmith in Peterborough 24/7

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